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Putting The Product in the Hands of your Clients

It's No Longer a "Click" Away

As much as I love production and digital design, the mobile landscape truly excites me. I believe building brand equity is impossible if you stay in the same lane; you need to go off-road.

Through application development, I was able to aggregate ProSwing's best content spread throughout various online platforms. I then organized, optimized, and presented it in a clean, polished package, straight to the client's hand.

Here are a few other highlights:
Matt Maher App Development

I remember dilaing up to AOL on a 56K Modem; twenty-five to thirty-five seconds of my user experience was spent staring at a stick figure and listening to intolerable sounds that are now called "Dubstep." I use that AOL "horror story" experience in my digital creations every day. User-experiences have changed, and every single second of a user's attention is precious. Every website and application I build keeps this in mind. I am going to EARN your attention, and then keep it.

ProSwing's App