The Pro-Swing Story

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From 400 visitors a month to 7,000 hits a day? Sure, no problem

"Your Advertising Budget is $0"

These were the first words I heard when I started at ProSwing. They wanted a massive increase in traffic and brand awareness while refusing to advertise. They should have hired a magician.

This was a curveball, but I dug in and took a swing at it. I developed a plan to create original content: instructional baseball videos that were entertaining to watch and informative to players and coaches. I filmed, performed, and produced them. I then fueled the pipeline to the new social media platforms I created. 4.6 million views later, it was a success.
Here are a few other highlights:
ProSwing's YouTube Success

I finally hit a home run. Once our viewership grew so large, I partnered with YouTube and Google AdSense and started building a revenue stream from our videos. How's that for a $0 advertising budget?

ProSwing wasn't just a large YouTube video campaign; I was also able to establish interactivity and social growth through contests, merchandising, and blogs. There was never a "main" goal to achieve, and I don't believe there ever should be. Social media growth is a journey, and while it is important to create benchmarks and smaller goals, there is never an "end."

ProSwing is going on its 14th year in business, and it's doing better than ever. Their roster of instructors have all played professional baseball, and enrollment for lessons, clinics, and parties are at an all-time high. I didn't reinvent ProSwing; I helped shine a light on the gold that was buried underneath a poor digital presence.