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Featured Work: #TheNextStep

Presented by Charles Schwab

This spot is part of Charles Schwab's
Own Your Tomorrow campaign, empowering retirees to push forward and follow their dreams.

It was shot in Ghent, New York on a small upstate farm about three hours north of the city. I acted as player/coach - my team shot, directed, produced, and edited the spot in partnership with Nick Childs, Global CCO of Mediabrands Publishing.

This piece included:

I don’t only present the big picture, I can paint it. The clock is ticking on the advertising industry, and all the restructuring, bespoke shops and pithy new job titles mask the hard truth - an individual can’t be good at just one thing. Value is defined as “relative worth, utility, or importance.” I’ve spent my career chasing one purpose... to provide value to clients, my agency, and advertising as a whole.

When Initiative decided to bravely venture into the music industry and connect brands with artists, I didn’t only help concept the idea of launching an artist in Japan - I traveled to Tokyo and personally shot her music video. The same with Charles Schwab and their latest Own Your Tomorrow spot. I didn’t “hand it off” once I had approval of the script and idea, I shot and directed the spot. Ideas are like children, don’t create one if you have no intention of raising it.

It’s how I work.
It's how I lead.
It's the reason I've never worked a day in my life.