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Wait, You're on XBox360's Rock Band? Like, the real game? No way

Write/Produce/Manage Yourself

I've been playing piano since I was five. Music has always been a passion of mine but to be successful I realized one truth: treat the band like a brand. Create a product (killer pop music) that clients (fans) want to voraciously consume and be a part of (air guitaring and high fives).

The KEY was to promote interactivity and leave no fan behind. Within two years of implementing this formula (and a lot of work) we grew our online following to 30,000 loyal fans.

This is how great opportunities such as XBox 360's Rock Band, a feature in AP Magazine, and getting radio airplay throughout New York was possible.
Minutes Like Ours Legacy

you still don't buy the whole rock band thing, do you? Want to know exactly how we did it? I have the formula... Tickle the ivories at an age so young that Disney's A Whole New World is all you'd ever want to play. Start writing music around thirteen. Start writing music that people actually want to LISTEN to around eighteen. Form a piano-rock band called Minutes Like Ours in 2009. Manage, write, and produce yourself. Play shows and then release music on iTunes and Spotify. Accrue a local following, then an online following of about 30,000. Write better music. Have Alternative Press magazine deem you an "Unsigned Band of the Month," then get named MTV Ourstage's #1 Pop Song in October 2011 for a tune called "Lights Out." Have an engineer who works for Rock Band contact you about that song to possibly include it in the game. Go through four grueling levels of approval. Agree to make about 3% of the profit. Get approved, high five friends. Play the game and only score 87% when you do your own part. Tell everyone it's because you were looking at the wrong screen. And there you have it.

Here's one of our songs off the upcoming album titled, "Open Season."

As for the future, Minutes Like Ours will be releasing a debut full-length album on November 20th, 2012. It will be available worldwide on iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google Play, Amazon.com and Amazon MP3. After 11/20/2012, Click here to buy!